Designing and developing unique web applications

The future always points towards uniqueness and development, and in the field of IT this means unique web applications. Our experts have extensive experience in the field, whether it is PHP/JAVA based software development, portals, internet applications or even the development and customization of communication modules. We also perform and document developmental tests related to development. In our repertoire we also use Javascript, JSON, AJAX, CSS, JQuery elements and incorporate them into our customers’ websites on demand. We design, develop and adapt unique components to portal systems.

Web applications developed by us:

  • Stock management system
  • Real Estate Registration and CRM
  • System Access control and registration system with reward collection, Android client, RFID + QR integration

The web applications are created using the Yii framework.

Android apps:

Access control client with RFID + QR code integration

For your unique offer, please feel free to contact us and ask our experts for an offer!