Cloud and virtualization

Virtualization as the latest form in the it world serves companies effectively with several advantages. Virtualization systems are cost-effective by relieving companies of the costs of managing, updating, and license fees for desktop software, and at the same time resolving their compatibility issues. Cloud COMPUTING saves companies significant expenses because they can minimize physical device spending and problems completely. The costs of larger IT investments are competing in monthly instalments, so it can be coordinated well with the expansion of the business and, consequently, the number of users. Cloud computing is an outsourced IT service where outsourcing is not tied to any geographic location, not to any computer: the data is in a “cloud” formed by many servers.

The user can connect to the service provider with even a low-power device, a mobile phone, whose servers have a large computing and mass storage capacity. The service can be a webmail, a remote text or spreadsheet editor, video and photo sharing, a social networking site, but more and more companies are using cloud computing to efficiently leverage their resources. But why is it all good? The security and protection of data stored in the cloud is at the highest level, with solutions that only the largest companies have ever been able to afford. Data stored in cyberspace cannot be destroyed by any fire or water damage.

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