IT Security

After you leave your home or close the door to your car behind you, would you leave it open all day? Isn’t that a pointless question, isn’t it? Yet in many companies, one of the last things that IT security does. Phishing is one of the most modern and worldwide forms of crime nowadays, so it’s very important that companies prepare for the right and personalized security solutions. Our database security solutions are based on prevention and go beyond the services provided by intrusion protection systems and firewalls.

Data leak and data loss prevention systems (DLP)

DLP, or Data Loss Prevention. We believe in prevention. Information protection is at an 100%, compared to device protection. Knowledge is gold, and confidential information is worth lives. Let’s protect him.

Email Security and Spam Filtering

Since computer systems became a let-up prop for daily life, one of the most basic communication channels has become email. This is one of the weaknesses of corporate systems, so it is important to eliminate security problems and use appropriate anti-spam, anti-virus solutions, as well as various content filters and the above mentioned DLP solutions, as well as complex content security systems that combine them.

Strong identification

One of the basic issues of IT security is the identification of users. Going beyond the basic username-password pair, strong identification systems give organizations a tool to connect user identification to owning an identification device and to knowing the information that activates the device. Typically, they can be used as identification tools for critically secure systems or remote logons (e.g. VPNs).

Hard disk and file encryption

The number of notebooks stolen today has reached huge proportions, and unfortunately this number is on an ever-increasing trend. Therefore, it is very important to provide the device with adequate security protection in time, and encryption of data stores is the most effective solution.

Identity Management (IM)

The task of the IM system is to manage user accounts assigned to real persons and employees. You can control access to and monitoring and maintenance of different resources.

Privileged User Management (PIM)

Like IM management, privileged user management is intended to serve and protect employee use accounts. In a company, featured user accounts always have privileged privileges. A lot of people wouldn’t think so, but this is a huge security breach. Privileged users hold a position of trust, which in itself is a threat, and on the other hand, these accesses are largely present on almost all systems, giving an unauthorized intruder a good opportunity.

Vulnerability Assessment (VM)

Vulnerability Management (VM) is a regular review that identifies, classifies, and, if necessary, improves vulnerabilities. In addition to human power, automated solutions are available to perform the task.

In addition to the above, of course, we pay close attention to virus and spyware filtering, program management, Web Security and URL filtering.

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